Launching The Revolution Files

On the 25th of January, 2011, I took to the streets of Cairo with some friends. We joined the protests that would eventually grow into the Egyptian Revolution. First, we were tear-gassed, then shot at it with shotguns, and eventually with live rounds. We faced tanks, thugs, and security forces, both civilian and military. The battle that we began against Mubarak turned into a battle against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that followed him and, soon, turned into a battle against the Muslim Brotherhood who, in the long run, paved the way for a return to military rule in Egypt. In the years of 2011, 2012, and 2013, many of us were on the streets of Egypt, still full of hope and optimism, still risking our lives almost every day in the hope that we’ll be able to set Egypt on the path towards social justice. Millions of us had found each otherĀ and had found hope, and we did everything we could to keep a simple dream alive; to live with freedom and dignity, and to know choice.

For three years, we battled, I couldn’t always take photos because I often prioritized participation over recording, but I still managed to capture hundreds of moments.

This site is my photographic record of those three years.

What we saw when Tahrir was at its best, and what we experienced in the square not just as friends, but as allies, was beautiful. It’s something we can never be made to forget.

We know that underneath all the stupid tides, and all these ugly maneuvers, there is gold.

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